While being committed to the economic interests of the people of Azerbaijan, SOCAR is today a resolutely international company, operating abroad through 12 representative offices, 5 foreign subsidiaries and 8 trading offices.

    The core business of the company includes exploring oil and gas fields, producing, processing, and transporting oil, gas, and gas condensate, marketing petroleum and petrochemical products in Azerbaijan and across a number of international markets, and supplying natural gas to industries and people of Azerbaijan.

    As one of the leading European oil and gas companies and a major energy supplier for the EU and its neighbor countries, SOCAR has a special role to play in Europe’s economic development. The company’s vision is to become a vertically integrated international energy company resting upon advanced experience on operation efficiency, social and environmental responsibility. Pioneering the Southern Gas Corridor, SOCAR makes a decisive contribution to the European Energy Security.

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  • UEFA Euro 2016™

    On May 17th, 2013 SOCAR signed a sponsorship agreement with UEFA to become an official sponsor of the 2016 UEFA European Football Championships. In addition, SOCAR became official sponsors of the European Qualifiers and the UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship.

    The 2016 UEFA European Football Championship will be the most inclusive Championships ever featuring a record 24 competing countries. SOCAR is thrilled to join the line-up of five newcomer nations, dozens of young players making their debut on the European stage and millions of new fans cheering their teams in an international tournament for the first time. We are looking forward to illuminating the stories of those who, like SOCAR, are poised to make their UEFA EURO 2016™ debut.

    In the spirit of celebrating great debuts, SOCAR in partnership with UEFA will create a new award titled ‘Best Young Player of the Tournament’, present by SOCAR, and will be awarded to the best U22 player.

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SOCAR, long-standing partner of sport, culture and education

Motivated by its Pan-European mission and vision, SOCAR supports a number of cultural, sport and education initiatives across Europe. It was therefore a natural step for SOCAR to become a sponsor of 2016 UEFA European Championship and to further contribute in this way to development of the European sport.
SOCAR has been long supporting a number of European initiatives in culture, sport and education.

  • Baku French Lyceum

    Established in accordance with an agreement signed between the governments of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of France in October 2011, BFL started its activity in September 2013, with the Principal and main teachers being citizens of France and lessons held in accordance with curriculum of international French schools and with observance of requirements of the Law on Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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