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Win an unforgettable UEFA EURO 2016™ experience by telling us why you deserve to #MakeYourDebut for your home nation at UEFA EURO 2016™.

How to enter

This is your chance to #MakeYourDebut at UEFA EURO 2016™. Hundreds of tickets are up for grabs. To win, all you need to do is share a photo across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MakeYourDebut that shows the pride you have for your national team.

The best submissions will be win a pair of tickets to see their home nation compete at UEFA EURO 2016™.

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The best entries

  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut #MakeYourDebut because my mustache will be blue, white and red #FRA

    @Elpapi774  - 593 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut #MakeYourDebut in UEFAEURO final because I think soccer, i Eat soccer !!!

     @elvan2212   - 593 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut #MakeYourDebut we come from the future, I saw the victory of #FRA

    @MAGUINETTE13 - 593 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut #MakeYourDebut I want to see my team in final !!!!

    @xolito92 - 593 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut #MakeYourDebut because I'd like to give this final to my best friend

    @PANS54  - 593 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    #MakeYourDebut Wales are in the semi finals! How are we meant to sleep?!

    ‏@EmmaSGSW - 598 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut @UEFAEURO #MakeYourDebut from Bordeaux #wal vs Slovakia

    @Kyleeveritt  - 594 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut @UEFAEURO I was there for the 1st day, it would awesome to be back for the last one #MakeYourDebut

    @MerivanHassan - 594 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut @UEFAEURO #MakeYourDebut pleaaaaase we cried anymore for italia please make us smile

    @Tizi_Sensei - 594 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    #MakeYourDebut je vous être en finale!!!!

    ‏@mag_jeff - 594 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    #MakeYourDebut I have a dream !!

    @lullaby10011 - 594 days ago
  • #MakeYourDebut

    @MakeYourDebut @UEFAEURO #MakeYourDebut

    @aledbin - 594 days ago
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