Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar with UNICEF – One Day for Kids Initiative

Popularly known as “The Little Master”, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best players to have graced the game of cricket. Given that cricket is a religion in India, he is one of the most famous figures in the country. He is also a Member of Parliament. He has been awarded the Bharat Ratna award. However, he has also been working to promote many awareness programmes across the country. Sachin Tendulkar has worked with UNICEF for more than a decade on various awareness programmes. In 2003 he worked for awareness of polio and polio eradication programme. India was declared Polio free in 2014.

Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar with UNICEF - One Day for Kids Initiative
Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar with UNICEF – One Day for Kids Initiative

Hygiene And Sanitation

Sachin has been working to increase awareness of the importance of hygiene and sanitation in communities since 2008. Commenting on the importance of health, Tendulkar said that he has always aimed his efforts towards the betterment of children and UNICEF has proved to be a great platform. He adds that sanitation is not only essential for personal hygiene, but also human dignity, wellbeing and public health. He says he chose hygiene and sanitation programmes because they are a necessary step in improving lifestyle and preventing the spread of diseases among children.

In recent years, Tendulkar has been spreading the awareness of hygiene among children using two strategies. Both of the strategies are employed to make the children aware, and they can make themselves healthier, making India more robust.

  •  The first one is about the importance of washing hands before and after meals
  • , followed by making people aware of the importance of using toilets for an open defecation free society.


Diarrhoea is the cause of death of half a million children under five years of age in South Asia. Six hundred and eighty million people do not use sanitized toilets in south Asia, which is higher than any part of the world. Due to this fact, there has been a spike in the spread of infectious diseases in the south Asia region. Hence, the need for awareness is urgent, and Sachin has been committed to this cause.


The popularity of Sachin in India knows no bounds. He is a mega cricketer, an idol and god to many of the people in India. He has a unique power and charisma to the people of India, same he had to his batting. He has been the ideal messenger to spread the word about health, hygiene and sanitation. Sachin has travelled to rural areas to reach the children and talk to them. He visited Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra, during which he spoke with the visually challenged boys and girls at a residential school. He talked about sanitation and hygiene and urged them to spread the message among their friends and families. Along with Polio, hygiene and sanitation Sachin has also worked to create awareness about AIDS. UNICEF has been successful in improving the lifestyle of people with untiring efforts of Sachin Tendulkar.