Sport for All Initiative

There are many cultural initiatives that are aided by sport, and one great sporting initiative run in the United States is Sport for All. Sport for All pretty much describes what the whole initiative is all about, it is an initiative to drive every American to benefit through sport.

Sports do not just benefit with fitness issues and health. Sport can be used to develop interaction, cultural development, personal development and many other issues. Sport for All provokes leaders and decision makers to promote the benefits of sporting participation and to share ideas and strategies to benefit the populace, especially the young and the old. This should be done under a theme of Sport for All, which will encourage participants no matter what race, religion, gender, age, social standing and ability they happen to be. It is truly an all-encompassing initiative to get the whole of America to reap the benefit of getting into sport.

Project Play

There is at present a concerted effort to especially promote and re-establish sports for youth in America. Due to the explosion of social media and the internet the American youth have an alternative to getting outside and playing games, and it is something that Project Play is trying to address.

Many American youths are not getting the Government’s recommended an hour a day of physical activity. This activity is crucial not just for their health but also their social interaction with their peers. There are other barriers to physical activity apart from mobile games and the like, such as access to sports. In 2015, Project Play put together a report that highlighted eight different strategies that could be implemented that would be beneficial to getting America’s youth back playing sport in a safe and highly accessible environment.

The Eight Strategies

Project Play has highlighted eight different strategies that include the following:

  • Identify what kids want to play.
  • Make sport a free activity.
  • Promote participation in many sports.
  • Engage towns and states to start leagues.
  • Rethink what facilities can be used for.
  • Re-look training methods and change for the best development methods for kids.
  • Make sure coaches are all fully trained.
  • Help promote safety aspects of playing sport.

Obviously these eight strategies will help the development of sport in America, some of the strategies may not suit everybody, or can be afforded from the very beginning. However, trying to implement one or two of them can be of great benefit to the youth of your town to once again take up sport. Project Play has one doctrine and that is that all American children have the opportunity to be active through sports. Its ultimate goal is that every child becomes physically literate by the time they become a teenager. So, every American kid aged between four and twelve should have the confidence and the desire to join in with sports.

The benefits are many, obviously the main ones are to do with health. But there is a wide spectrum of other benefits that kids get from playing sports. Initiatives such as Sport for All recognize these other benefits and promotes and encourages participation is all activity.