Sporting Charities Around the World – Part 1

Many of us do not think twice putting on a pair of running shoes after coming home from work in the evening and getting in some great exercise. But for many people assistance is needed for such a simple activity. This is where great sporting charities around the globe provide both hope and assistance to people who face adversities that we cannot even dream of.

Sport is great for the body and mind, but it can also be good for communities and cultures, the United Nation’s Sports for Development and Peace initiative has highlighted this in their program. This initiative lays down that sport helps promote community inclusion and has a really positive affect on cutting down local crimes, sporting programs also encourage awareness of disease prevention and instill skills that are vital in leadership. Sporting charities have also identified sport as a way for healing, not just physical problems but in the mind also. This blog highlights some of today’s great sporting charities that are working through sporting initiatives to improve the lives of many people all over the globe.

Global Sports Foundation

The Global Sports Foundation is an American organization that was set up to help underfunded and struggling youth sports organizations all over the country, and also to assist families who are struggling with a member that has cancer. Junior leagues and sporting clubs that are strapped for cash can benefit from donated equipment from the foundation. The secondary passion for the Global Sports Foundation is to assist families who are struggling financially because a family member has developed cancer or ALS.

One of the events the foundation organizes to promote themselves is Midnight Madness, which is a fun baseball game in Texas that lasts from twelve to twelve. It is basically a baseball marathon that raises much needed cash for those under financial stress due to illness.

Challenged Athletes

Challenged Athletes is a charity that was set up to assist athletes and sportsmen who have physical problems and for whatever reason do not have access to sports. The charity offers a plethora of programs that are tailor made for use by different kind of communities signed up on the program. The organization also provides sports equipment that athletes with physical difficulties can use, such as mono skis, and hand cycles. This allows athletes with difficulties to join in and not have to sit on the sidelines just watching.

One program that Challenged Athletes run is called Operation Rebound which specializes in offering wounded service men and women a chance to join in on sporting activity. The organization is keen on educating athletes that have physical difficulties cope with any mental issues that arise due to their condition.

It is interesting that sportswear super manufacturer Nike teamed up with Challenged Athletes to develop and manufacture a specific sporting shoe for those athletes that have prosthetic limbs. Previously such athletes all had to wear homemade sports shoes which were far below par. In part two we look at even more incredible charitable organizations that assist through the medium of sport.