Sporting Charities Around the World – Part 2

The second part of our blog to uncover different sporting charities around the world looks at even more great charitable organizations who through sport offer help and support to those who cannot sometimes help themselves.

Ball for All

Ball for All is a charitable organization that has been set up to give aid to children in rural Africa to enjoy participating in sports. The organization does this by encouraging Peace Corp volunteers that are based in rural African villages to start sporting clubs and to arrange kids’ teams. It is a way to get the impoverished youth of Africa to get active and at the same time develop leadership skills. It was a guy called Brad Kramer that started Ball for All, he was a volunteer working for the Peace Corp and decided to buy a ball and donate it to some local African kids so they could get together to enjoy a game of football in their local village. He did this after seeing the kids struggling kicking a plastic bag full of grass.

Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund is there to provide support for poor kids living in New York City that are living in families that are struggling financially. The organization assists needy kids by giving them the joy of a summer holiday both in sporting camps and with host families. The kids have the rare opportunity to get out of New York and spend time enjoying sporting and outdoor pursuits in the countryside. Although not a well-known organization, the Fresh Air Fund is actually one of the oldest sporting charities in the world.

It was formed way back in 1877 by Reverend Willard Parsons, when he asked members of his congregation and the community to host inner-city kids from New York to give them the opportunity to have a sort of holiday that their own parents could not afford to give them.

Peace Players International

Peace Players International is a highly worthy charitable organization that helps children at risk in regions such as the West Bank, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and South Africa. The organization uses basketball to promote its many programs for change. The programs include education that offers leadership and peace initiatives in a classroom as well as on the basketball court. The on-court activities teach how to dissolve disputes by using sport as a method for diffusing conflict.

Right to Play

Our final charitable sporting organization is Right to Play which is truly a global charity. It assists kids all over the world who have to face hardships and difficulties by using sport. Right to Play educates kids who have to face adversity in their everyday lives by building up essential life skills through participating in sport.

This great charity received worldwide recognition when it was applauded by the United Nations for its most notable projects in Palestinian refugee camps that lined the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It was a program that highlighted the rights of children to improve their health by playing sport. The legacy of such a program was building healthier communities that offer more peaceful alternatives to conflict.