Sporting for Change – Climate Change Initiative

Climate change is one of many issues in today society. It is not an issue with the government neither is it with a specific ethnic group, but rather as the name suggests a problem with raising temperatures around the world. Many conspiracy theories have been circulating the news about the mystery of climate change and global warming, and some suggest that it is just a hoax and is fabricated by the government, while others suggest that it is an act of God. However, global warming and climate change cause severe issues all around the globe, for example, they cause species all around the world to go extinct or become endangered due to loss of habitat, which is due to rising temperatures and sea levels. 

How Does Climate Change Relate To Sports

Climate change affects many aspects of the world, for example, plant growth, global temperatures, and habitats. Surprisingly, sports is also one of those factors. An athlete requires many conditions to train correctly, for example, a runner requires a warm and tropical environment, and a snowboarder requires snow and more frigid temperatures. Climate change messes with the temperature around the world as stated above, which in turn impacts the quality of performance and training of the athlete. This is one of the primary reasons why athletes have joined together to raise awareness for this issue as it impacts their abilities, and sometimes their performances. Sport is a universal effort, which is why some organizations have partnered and banded together to spread awareness for the issue to find a way to end it altogether. 

The Two Toppers

Connect4Climate and Fórum das Américas are public organizations that have recently banded together to create a broader awareness of climate change and how it is affecting sports and athletes. Although many influential sportsmen and women have partnered themselves with the organization in an attempt to further the cause, the organization is yet to make a real and lasting difference to the issue. To raise awareness for climate change, many athletes have also created informational videos that address the issue more publicly, as an attempt to spread the word about the issue. However, the joined organization Connect4Climate and Fórum das Américas is one of many different organizations that are currently working towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly planet

Free and Effective

The athlete’s pledge is a suitable and easy way to support the cause. It is simple and free of charge. This pledge is a more straightforward way to promote more sustainable energy and keep the planet healthy and attempt to reduce global temperatures, through raising awareness and supporting the organization itself. The athlete’s pledge also includes finding new ways of taking on climate change. This can be done by stopping the use of plastic, recycling properly, and reusing plates and other non-biodegradable materials. Motivating others to follow the same lifestyle that promotes sustainable living is also a significant part in joining the organization as it can make a significant difference and can also spread the word to those who wish to help.