The World’s Most Charitable Athletes – Part 2

We continue our look at famous sporting personalities who regularly support charities with names such as, Peyton Manning, Alex Smith and Tom Brady. There are are fair share of well-paid sports players that hug the high life and enjoy spending all their money on frivolous things.

However, there are certain athletes that realize that their position in life grants them not only the money to do good on behalf of others, but also to use their fame to promote awareness of certain charities, foundations and the work that they do.

Peyton Manning

The founder of the PeyBack Foundation is American Football super hero Peyton Manning. Manning formed the foundation to assist American kids at risk to grow their future prospects and to live a happy life. Peyton Manning is not just happy to attach his name to the foundation for publicity, he actively gets involved with his role as president.

The PeyBack Foundation has raised and given nearly ten million dollars in grants to help these youngsters, and has run help programs around the USA, including Tennessee, Colorado, Louisiana and Indiana. Peyton Manning has put back a great deal into a society that has given him so much.

Alex Smith

Another Pro Grid-Iron player on our list is Alex Smith, and he helped to establish the Alex Smith Foundation that helps youngsters to achieve their dreams of becoming football players. Through scholarships, provision is given to young hopefuls to train, and learn the game.

Smith has been specifically active in lobbying for child-welfare changes and regularly attends conferences to explain what his foundation is all about. The Boston Globe has bought attention to the foundation in regular articles and news stories about the great work that is being achieved.

Andre Agassi

The first tennis player in our list of charitable athletes is Andre Agassi, and he has been a significant influence in helping well deserved charities. The most famous is the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, which was set up to help kids that are at risk.

The Foundation through education and recreation aids the kids with their personal problems. And the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy is a private school that is open to kids in West Las Vegas for a first class education.

Jeff Gordon

Even Nascar is not without its charitable heroes and Jeff Gordon is one of its chief contributors. The Jeff Gordon Foundation seeks to help children that are facing challenges with cancer. Pediatric cancer is one of his main causes, so much so he has helped to build a children’s hospital in North Carolina.

As well as all his work with the Jeff Gordon Foundation, he has tirelessly worked with other charities such as: Athletes for Hope, American Association of Retired Persons, Soles4Soles and Partners in Health. Who could have imagined that Nascar could provide so much help to truly needy people, and with the lead from one of their most famous personalities, namely Jeff Gordon, many people lives have changed for the better. In the third and concluding part of this blog we look into the lives of other great athletes that get involved in charity work.